2018 News

2018 RSA AGM / Reunion and Archive Day

The next event will be the 2018 joint AGM and Archive Day, to be held at The Royal High School in Bath on Saturday 9th June 2018.   The invitations (including timetable details, etc) will be sent out to members in Spring 2018.

Email Addresses
We increasingly use these in our contacts with RSA members, particularly for sending out invitations, requests for newsletter entries and the newsletters themselves to those who accept them by email.   It not only saves the committee valuable time, but more importantly, means that we can make substantial postage savings.   The committee asks that you email Carys (Hon. Registrar) with your correct email address, so that we can maintain an accurate database.   Several email addresses have in the past been returned as invalid, and we are keen to keep our information as up-to-date as possible.   Thank you!

Late Responses to RSVPs
To help with the planning and organisation of events during the year, we add an RSVP to invitations.  For some past events we had some late replies, which mean last minute changes to required guest lists, and difficulties with anticipating the costing for catering.  Please, please, if you intend to attend an event, return the slip of paper by the RSVP date.  Regretfully we may not be able to accommodate those that reply after the date.

Changes of Address
Please also inform Carys (Hon. Registrar) of any other amendments to your contact details, particularly change of (postal) address.  This is very important to ensure that we have a up-to-date membership database and can send you invitations and other information.